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USER TAGS: [ Python , Adult learner , Machine Learning , Data Science , First-generation college student, BIPOC ]

I’m a first generation post grad learning to navigate the corporate workplace. I’m looking for guidance on steps I should be taking to get a role in Data Science. The field is quite intimidating but I’m determined to try to get my foot in the door especially as a female and POC."

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"I want to help the next generation have the resources and guidance I wish I had when I was studying."

Full-stack Engineer II @ Microsoft Loop

"Mentorship is a powerful source of inspiration, shaping individuals and fostering a culture of learning and growth."

Full-Stack Engineer @ Sunnova Energy

"I understand the profound influence a mentor can have on one's career, and I believe in paying it forward."

Director of Solution Engineering @ Twilio

44.2% of our mentees are first-generation college students

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